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2023 FCE LTER All Scientists' Meeting - Travel Guidelines

Travel fund requests

FCE has some travel funds available for people who will be traveling to the meeting. Please submit requests for travel funds by January 16, 2023.

Before the meeting - Travel Authorization Requests (TARs)

If your travel request is approved, we'll ask you to complete a TAR form. You'll also need to provide the following additional information:

  • Mailing address (where to send the travel reimbursement - please use your home address)
  • The airline you plan to use if you're flying to the meeting.
  • Any changes to the to the travel information included in your travel request.

Please submit your travel information as early as possible and allow time for your TAR to be processed. This is especially important if you want us to purchase your plane ticket, since we can't purchase your plane ticket until your TAR has been assigned a TAR number by the Controller's office.

If your room rate exceeds $215 (excluding taxes), you will need to submit a justification for the extra expense with your travel reimbursement.

If you plan to rent a car, please contact Mike Rugge ( before you rent your car to make sure you'll be able to get reimbursed for all of your expenses. FIU has a contract with Avis and reimburses up to $25/day for compact car rentals. Rentals done through other companies require a justification and all expenses might not be reimbursed.

If your travel plans change or if you have any questions, please email Mike Rugge (

Please review the CDC's guidelines for domestic travel during COVID before your trip.

During the meeting - Receipts

Please collect receipts for all of the travel expenses on your TAR. All receipts must show a zero balance or indicate that they have been paid in full.

If you share the cost of a hotel room, please request a separate receipt for each person and make sure that each person's name is on the receipt. You can only be reimbursed for the cost of the room (including tax).

After the meeting - Travel Reimbursement

Please submit your receipts to Mike Rugge as soon as possible after your trip. You can send digital copies of the receipts to Mike Rugge (