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FCE at the 2022 LTER All Scientists' Meeting

FCE students at the LTER All Scientists' MeetingFCE students at the LTER All Scientists' Meeting Photo: Mike Rugge
Evelyn Gaiser moderated a plenary talk at the 2022 LTER All Scientists' MeetingEvelyn Gaiser moderated the Generations plenary  Photo: Mike Rugge
Evelyn, Sparkle, and Nick at the LTER ASMEvelyn Gaiser, Sparkle Malone, and Nick Oehm at the Asilomar State Beach Photo: Evelyn Gaiser

The 2022 LTER All Scientists' Meeting from September 19-23, 2022 included over 600 researchers from 28 U.S. LTER sites.

Over 35 researchers from the Florida Coastal Everglades program participated in the meeting. The posters they presented and the workshops they led are highlighted below.

View Nicole Donate's poster


Effects of sea level rise on the root chemistry of Chamaecrista lineata var. keyensis
Nicole Donate, Leslie Toll-Roque, Dr. Diego Salazar Amoretti, Dr. Oscar Valverde-Barrantes

View Sparkle Malone's poster


Methane emission potential across subtropical, temperate, and arctic ecosystems
Sparkle. L. Malone, Youmi Oh, Roisin Commane, Alexandra R. Contosta and Ruth Varner
Video presentation

View Jordan Massie's poster


Primed and cued: Linking interannual and seasonal variations in freshwater flows to the spawning migrations of Common Snook in the Florida Coastal Everglades
J.A. Massie, R.O. Santos, R.J. Rezek, W.R. James, N.M. Viadero, R.E. Boucek, D.A. Blewett, A.A. Trotter, P.W. Stevens, and J.S. Rehage
Video presentation

View Grace McLeod's poster


Fire history and climate drive patterns of post-fire recovery in Everglades upland ecosystems
Grace McLeod, Daniel Gann, Michale S. Ross, Sparkle L. Malone

View Veronica Restrepo's poster


Post-hurricane mangrove regeneration along subsidy-stress in the FCE
Veronica B. Restrepo, Edward Castañeda-Moya, John S. Kominoski, Elena Solohin

View Amanda Richey's poster


Water level and surface salinity trends in the Everglades freshwater-saline ecotone
Amanda Richey, John Kominoski, Paulo Olivas, Sparkle Malone

View Deusdedith Rugemalila's poster


Effect of hydrology and fire legacies on vegetation species composition within the Ridge and Slough landscape across the Everglades ecosystem
Deusdedith Rugemalila, Jay P. Sah, Susana Stofella, Santiago Castaneda, Katherine Castrillon, Bianca Constant, James Heffernan, Michael Ross



Mosquito population dynamics within Miami-Dade County households: the use of community-based mosquito surveillance programs to facilitate infestation, genetic, and sense of community research
Helen Wagner, Gabriel Perez, Jessica Quinones, Michael Ramon, Kristian Lopez, Dr. Andre da Costa da Silva, Dr. Anthony Bellantuono & Dr. Matthew DeGennaro