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Areas of Focus

Ecological Training

We pair high school students with LTER scientists and mentor the students in an independent research study to perform their own research. Over 30 high school students have been paired with FCE researchers since 2000. Several of these students have participated and placed in local, state, and international science competitions. One student was awarded 2nd Place at the Intel International competition and published the results of his research. 

Collaborative Research Experiences

Through collaboration with other programs studying the Coastal Everglades, over 30 students and 40 teachers have participated in ecological research. The lessons developed by teachers are used in hundreds of schools in and beyond Florida.

Environmental Literacy

New curricula and activities are being written to examine the relationship between society and the environment, including the history of Native Americans in South Florida. These lessons will be piloted in the classroom and will become available through this site.

Community Partnerships

FCE LTER includes partnerships with many institutions to expand not only our research scope and impact, but also to provide citizen education programs. Citizen education partners include Everglades National Park, the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery and Science, the National Parks Foundation, CEMEX and the Deering Estate.

Outreach Team