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Letters of Support

A Letter of Support (LOS) can be solicited from the FCE Lead PI for research proposals related to the overall mission of the FCE program. The PI for the proposed research should contact the scientists presently involved in the FCE program whose research is most closely related to the proposal's topic. This can be achieved through contacting the identified individual scientists directly or by contacting the pertinent Working Groups leaders for assistance. (Find leaders on the People page.) These contacts should be made well in advance of submission deadline for proposals, if a LOS is requested. Individuals requesting a LOS should then provide to the FCE lead PI the following materials: 

  1. A description of the proposal (hypothesis, objectives and approach) and a clear justification of its relation to the ongoing FCE program.
  2. How (if funded) this research will benefit the FCE-LTER program and how data will be made available to FCE scientists.
  3. A description of required logistical support (if any) from the FCE and means of compensating for that support (if necessary).