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  • "Hands on the Everglades": A cooperative program that FCE offered with Everglades National Park from 2003 to 2005. Teachers were provided instructional materials on Florida Coastal Everglades ecology and sampling procedures. Students from a Hialeah Elementary School visited a hammock in Everglades National Park or Florida International University's Preserve during the wet and dry seasons. They collected data on invertebrates, litterfall, soils, and other variables. FCE personnel were on hand to help students collect data.
  • OdysseyEarth: Explore the Everglades with wildlife filmmakers and FCE LTER partners Rich and Richard Kern. In the Encounters in Excellence K-12 assembly series and, the Kerns introduce you to the natural history of South Florida and FCE LTER research.
  • One Night in the EvergladesIn this book, follow two scientists as they spend a night in the Everglades collecting water samples, photographing wildlife, and sloshing through the marshes in an attempt to understand this mysterious ecosystem. (Disponible en español: Una Noche en los Everglades: En este libro, sigue a dos científicos que pasan una noche en los Everglades recogiendo muestras de agua, fotografiando la vida silvestre y chapoteando a través de pantanos en un intento por comprender este ecosistema misterioso.)