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Periphyton day

Photographer:   Franco A. Tobias
Location:   Shark River Slough
Date:   September 27, 2012

Sagittaria lancifolia

Photographer:   Stephanie Long
Location:   S332B
Date:   September 26, 2012

White water lily (Nyphaea odorata)

Photographer:   Stephanie Long
Location:   S332B
Date:   September 26, 2012

Retention Pond

Photographer:   Franco A. Tobias
Location:   Taylor Slough
Date:   September 26, 2012

Cypress sunrise

Photographer:   Franco A. Tobias
Location:   Taylor Slough
Date:   September 26, 2012

Hook removal from a juvenile bull shark in Tarpon Bay

Photographer:   Philip Matich
Location:   Tarpon BayShark River Estuary
Date:   September 13, 2012

David Lagomasino at SH4

Photographer:   Evelyn Gaiser
Location:   SH4
Date:   August 23, 2012

Juvenile crocodile at Buttonwood Canal

Photographer:   Philip Matich
Location:   Buttonwood Canal
Date:   April 18, 2012


Photographer:   Jennifer Rehage
Location:   Shark River Estuary
Date:   February 18, 2012

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