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FCE LTER Mid-term Review field trip to TS/Ph-1

Photographer:   Edward Linden
Location:   TSPh1
Date:   March 11, 2015

Assistant Professor and FCE Co-PI, John Kominoski and collaborators, Chris McVoy and Jim Brock, are investigating the foundational role of floc in the structural and functional attributes of the ridge and slough ecosystems of the Central Everglades.

Photographer:   Chris McVoy
Location:   WCA-3A FLOC_101
Date:   June 2, 2014

Dr. Price testing groundwater salinity at SRS-6

Photographer:   Peter Regier
Location:   SRS6
Date:   March 30, 2014

Two devices, each of which measure water velocity; on the right is an acoustic device that is permanently maintained at Gumbo Limbo by PI Rene Price; on the left is a 3D camera with a long fiberoptic lens, deployed for testing purposes by collaborator Evan Variano.

Photographer:   Evan Variano
Location:   Gumbo Limbo
Date:   January 31, 2014

Graduate student David Lagomasino downloading surface water flow data at SRS-1

Photographer:   Rene Price
Location:   SRS1d
Date:   January 31, 2014

Dr. Price measuring surface water flow at SRS-1

Photographer:   Evan Variano
Location:   SRS1d
Date:   January 31, 2014

Ph.D. graduate student, Shelby Servais and REU, Julio Pachon conducted collaborative research in the wetland mesocosms during summer 2013.

Photographer:   Stephen Davis
Location:   Florida Bay Interagency Science Center, Key Largo, Florida
Date:   August 12, 2013

Researchers and students from Dr. Rehage's lab sampling fish in the Shark River Estuary

Photographer:   Jennifer Rehage
Location:   Shark River Estuary
Date:   June 19, 2013

Everglades anglers

Photographer:   Jennifer Rehage
Location:   Shark River Estuary
Date:   June 19, 2013

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