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Effects of Tamiami Trail swale creation on ecosystem structure and nutrient delivery to Everglades National Park

Short-term project
Start date: 01-Jun-2009          End date: 01-Jun-2011
Contact person: Evelyn Gaiser
Funding organization(s):
National Park Service - Department of the Interior

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The USACE proposes to construct pilot spreader swales south of two culverts along the Tamiami Trail to determine if spreader swales increase hydrologic conveyance into Everglades National Park (ENP). The information gleaned from the pilot spreader swale construction will then be utilized to determine if constructing more spreader swales along the Tamiami Trail will be a cost beneficial option to increase flow along the Tamiami Trail. Part of the pilot spreader swale project will be to assess potential water quality and ecological effects associated with the construction and the implementation of the pilot spreader swales if they are constructed. This will be achieved through the water quality, fish/invertebrate, and vegetation/periphyton monitoring programs. The monitoring conducted prior and during pilot spreader swales will provide critical information that will help understand the level of impacts associated with the construction and implementation of the pilot spreader swales if they are constructed. If the pilot spreader swales do prove effective at improving hydrologic conveyance, it will also provide information as to whether the benefit of the pilot spreader swales provide is worth the environmental impacts caused by the construction and implementation of the pilot spreader swales.

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