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Ethnographic Overview and Assessment for Everglades National Park

Short-term project
Start date: 01-Jan-2009          End date: 31-Dec-2009
Contact person: Laura A. Ogden

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The overall objective of this study is the production of an ethnographic overview and assessment report to aid in the development of further cultural and natural resource studies, interpretation program objectives, and park management decisions. The National Park Service defines an ethnographic overview and assessment to be a comprehensive background study of types, uses, and users of ethnographic resources. The study will review existing information and identify new data needs. The overview component of the project reviews and summarizes existing ethnographic data for people and resources associated with the park. The assessment component evaluates these data and resources and identifies data gaps. Information is to be derived primarily from existing archival written and oral records, and published materials

Specifically, the objectives of the study are to provide:
  • descriptions of occupation and use of cultural and natural resources, and the cultural significance of natural resources and physical environmental features by non-Indigenous traditionally associated groups of people;
  • descriptions of contemporary use and perceptions about each type of resource, including location, frequency of use, nature of use, and ascribed significance (e.g. religious, subsistence), if any;
  • a current bibliography of ethnographic information on Everglades National Park and non-Indigenous traditionally associated peoples;
  • a list of any ethnographic resources to be considered for inclusion in the Ethnographic Resources Inventory, and considered for nomination to the National Registers as Traditional Cultural Properties;
  • develop a list of research topics to fill in data gaps for further studies on Everglades National Park associated groups and cultural properties.

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