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Includes maps showing the location of FCE LTER sites at various resolutions, as well as other maps. Complete accuracy of maps cannot be guaranteed. All maps are made available "as is". The Florida Coastal Everglades LTER shall not be liable for damages resulting from any use or misinterpretation of maps.

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  • Land Use / Land Cover 1995

    Interactive map information:
    The SFWMD Landuse 1995 layer described below was cropped and cut into 1:100,000 USGS quads using ArcView 3.3. Each shapefile was reprojected to UTM, Zone 17, WGS 84 using ArcToolbox 8.3. A new field, "LUCODE4", was added to the dbfs for each shapefile with the following values:
    If LUCODE3 >= 1000 and LUCODE3 < 2000, LUCODE4 = 1000 (Developed)
    If LUCODE3 >= 2000 and LUCODE3 < 3000, LUCODE4 = 2000 (Agriculture)
    If LUCODE3 >= 4000 and LUCODE3 < 5000, LUCODE4 = 4000 (Upland Forests)
    If LUCODE3 >= 5000 and LUCODE3 < 6000, LUCODE4 = 5000 (Water)
    If LUCODE3 >= 6000 and LUCODE3 < 7000, LUCODE4 = 6000 (Wetlands)
    If LUCODE3 = 6120, LUCODE4 = 6120 (Mangroves)
    The shapefiles were imported into ArcInfo 8.3 and dissolved based on the LUCODE4 field (shapearc, clean, regionpoly, dissolve). The dissolved coverages were generalized to 30m in ArcView 3.3 using the Point & Polyline Tools v1.2 extension.

    Downloadable layer information
    Source(s): South Florida Water Management District
    Projection: State Plane (Florida East, FIPS 0901 Fe), NAD 1983 HARN
    Scale: 1:40,000 Year:    1995  
    Format: shapefile, polygon
    Download: http://sfwmd.maps.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=1e81350548d3428c8ee06182f0796137
    ( 154 MB )
    The Florida Land Use, Cover and Forms Classification System (FLUCCS, Florida Department of Transportation) referenced in the metadata can be downloaded at http://www.dot.state.fl.us/surveyingandmapping/fluccmanual.pdf.
    Thumbnail of Land Use / Land Cover 1995

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