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Visitor Information

The Florida Coastal Everglades LTER program is based at the University Park Campus of Florida International University in Miami, Florida. We conduct research in Everglades National Park.

Visitor Information

The FCE LTER office is located in at Florida International University in the Engineering and Computer Science building (room: ECS 262, phone: 305-348-6054) and is occupied by the Information Manager, the Program Manager, and the Education & Outreach Coordinator. Information about FCE office resources available to FCE personnel is available on our intranet site.

Map showing the location of the FCE LTER Office and parking:
Map showing the location of the FCE LTER Office
Line map (PDF, 3.7MB)

Field Access

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Many of our sites are remote. Since we access our sites by airboat, helicopter, or motorboat and our field resources are limited, it's difficult for us to take large groups of people to our sites. If you are a scientist interested in visiting some of our sites, please contact Evelyn Gaiser (gaisere@fiu.edu) or Mike Rugge (ruggem@fiu.edu). If you are a teacher or student interested in visiting FCE sites, please contact Nick Oehm (oehmn@fiu.edu).

Although access to our sites is limited, anyone can visit Everglades National Park. Please see Everglades National Park visitor information for more information on visiting Everglades National Park.

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Field operations are based out of the Southeast Environmental Research Center (SERC) at Florida International University. Travel time to the field sites is less than an hour's drive from Florida International University's campus, so we do not have a field station. We conduct research in Everglades National Park and access sites by airboat, motorboat, helicopter, and the road. Only personnel employed by Florida International University may operate SERC boats and vehicles. Our method of accessing a site depends on the location of the site, water levels, and the regulations described in our sampling permit.

All personnel conducting research at FCE sites must be included on the main FCE LTER Everglades National Park permit or another Everglades National Park permit. If your name is included on the main FCE LTER Everglades National Park permit, you are responsible for following all of the regulations stated in the permit. If your contact information changes or someone in your research group needs to be added to the main FCE LTER permit, please ask them to complete an Emergency Contact Form and send it to Mike Rugge (ruggem@fiu.edu).

Please note that if your proposed research is not already included in the main FCE LTER permit OR if it's funded by a source other than the FCE LTER grant, you will need to apply for a separate permit. You can find information about how to apply for a permit and an online application at https://irma.nps.gov/RPRS/.

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