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Sea level rise could make plants bigger. Then it may kill them.
3 April 2019
Researchers tested the effects of elevated salinity and increased phosphorus on sawgrasses to see how marshes would respond to future sea level rise.
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It's time to ratchet up bonefish conservation, FIU scientists say
6 February 2019
Anglers are catching fewer bonefish in South Florida. FIU scientists say there are many factors that could be behind the drop in catches, with warmer temperatures, more predators, fishing and contaminants among them.
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LTEaRTS at Florida Coastal Everglades (FCE)
1 January 2019
FCE LTEaRTs has an ongoing partnership with artist Xavier Cortada, the Tropical Botanic Artists Collective, and the AIRIE program (Artist in Residence in Everglades). Artists have worked with FCE scientists to produce over 20 exhibits since 2012 and professional development for teachers.
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A rare water quality success story gives insight into stakeholder cooperation
15 November 2018
FCE-LTER researchers explore a case where industry and regulatory stakeholders have worked together to reduce runoff and improve water quality in the Everglades.
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Sea Level Rise Making Things Saltier in the Everglades
9 May 2018
For those living in South Florida, sea level rise is a very real problem that's impacting coastal areas right now, and is expected to worsen over the next decade. While most discussions on sea level rise in Florida focus on highly populated coastal cities such as Miami and Tampa, sea level rise is also having...
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2018 NSF LTER Symposium: Understanding Our Ocean Connections
21 March 2018
The National Science Foundation Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network presents an overview of the rich and varied research taking place at its 28 sites. In 2018, the topic of this annual half-day symposium is ocean ecosystems and their connections to marine species and human well-being.
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