Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research
Florida Coastal Everglades LTER - 2019 All Scientists Meeting
2019 FCE LTER All Scientists Meeting
May 8-9, 2019
Garden House at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

2019 FCE LTER All Scientists Meeting group photo

The 2019 Florida Coastal Everglades LTER All Scientists Meeting was held May 8-9, 2019 at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in the Garden House.

  • Meeting Agenda

    • Aponte Rolon, B., M. Sanchez Julia, S. Van Bael, E. Castañeda-Moya and J. Kominoski. 2019. Leaf and root endophytes of mangroves in south Florida.

    • Biswas, H., K. Zhang, D. Gann and M.S. Ross. 2019. Mangrove crown detection from high resolution aerial photography using vegetation indices and watershed segmentation method.

    • Chavez, S., D. Lagomasino, L. Fatoyinbo, B. Cook, E. Castañeda-Moya, R.P. Moyer, K. Radabaugh, J.M. Smoak and S. Wdowinski. 2019. Determining coarse woody debris and standing dead biomass in mangrove forest of the Florida Everglades after Hurricane Irma using airborne LiDAR imagery.

    • Eggenberger, C., R.O. Santos, T.A. Frankovich, C.J. Madden, J. Nelson and J.S. Rehage. 2019. Habitat preference and resource use of Common Snook (Centropomus undecimalis) in altered coastal Everglades lakes.

    • James, W.R., R.O. Santos, J. Rodemann, J.S. Rehage and J. Nelson. 2019. Consumer-specific energetic landscapes in Florida Bay: Linking Seagrass die off to economically-valuable fisheries.

    • Johnson, D. and J. Kominoski. 2019. Quantifying how hydroclimatic events interact with water management to drive landscape-scale changes in wetland soil biogeochemistry.

    • Liao, H. and S. Wdowinski. 2019. Space-based monitoring of water level changes in Everglades with Sentinel-1 InSAR observation.

    • Liao, Y. and S. Gerber. 2019. Capturing water table variations and carbon dynamic of wetlands in Everglades through CLM4.5 under present and future conditions.

    • Lopes, C., J.W. Fourqurean, B. Van Dam and C. Osburn. 2019. Net heterotrophy and carbonate dissolution in two subtropical seagrass meadows.

    • Martens-Habbena, W., P. Weisenhorn, S. Chakrabarti, L. Huang and J. Kominoski. 2019. Preliminary results on soil and sediment microbial communities in the Greater Florida Everglades.

    • Massie, J., R.O. Santos, B.A. Strickland, J. Hernandez, N. Viadero, H.E. Willoughby, M.R. Heithaus and J.S. Rehage. 2019. Environmental drivers of large-scale fish movements in the Florida Everglades during Hurricane Irma.

    • Nocentini, A. and J. Kominoski. 2019. Understanding short- and long-term effects of fire on wetland biogeochemistry to forecast changes in phosphorus-limitation and carbon storage.

    • Paduani, M. and M.S. Ross. 2019. Plastic sinks or sources: characterizing cycling of marine debris on mangrove shorelines of Biscayne Bay, FL.

    • Phelan-Reyes, T., J. Kominoski, N. Oehm, T. Casal, P. Thompson and C. Basterrechea. 2019. The effects of salinity on leaf litter breakdown in the Florida Coastal Everglades.

    • Rodemann, J., R.O. Santos, J.S. Rehage, D. Gann, Z.F. Fratto, D. Lagomasino, M.O. Hall and B. Furman. 2019. Mapping large-scale seagrass change from your desk: Application of Google Earth Engine and remote sensing.

    • Samara Chacon, Y.N., B.A. Strickland and M.R. Heithaus. 2019. The effects of Hurricane Irma on the foraging ecology of juvenile bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) in a tropical estuary.

    • Sanchez Julia, M., B. Aponte Rolon, S. Van Bael, E. Castañeda-Moya and J. Kominoski. 2019. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi of coastal mangroves in south Florida.

    • Van Dam, B., C. Lopes and J.W. Fourqurean. 2019. Air-water CO2 exchange over a Florida Bay seagrass meadow.

    • Viadero, N., C. Eggenberger, J. Massie, R.O. Santos and J.S. Rehage. 2019. Seasonal habitat use and movement patterns of largemouth bass in Shark River, Everglades National Park.

    • Zeller, M. and J. Kominoski. 2019. Characterization of fluorescent dissolved organic matter released from peat soils upon saltwater intrusion.

    • Zhang, B. and S. Wdowinski. 2019. Space-based monitoring of temporal water level variations in the South Florida Everglades ecosystem using Sentinel-1 SAR observations.

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