Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research
Florida Coastal Everglades LTER 2015 All Scientists Meeting
2015 FCE LTER All Scientists Meeting
January 5-6, 2015
Garden House
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
Miami, Florida

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Sarah C Bornhoeft
Joel C Trexler

Influence of an Experimental Sheet Flow Regime on Aquatic Food Webs of the Central Everglades
Presenter: Sarah Bornhoeft

Ross Boucek and Jennifer Rehage

Relationships between variations in freshwater flows, climate disturbance events, and consumer mediated habitat linkages in the Florida Coastal Everglades
Presenter: Ross Boucek

Joshua L. Breithaupt, Joseph M. Smoak, & Thomas J. Smith III

Evaluating sediment particle densities: do mineral sediments from storm surge increase mangrove accretion rates in the Florida Coastal Everglades?
Presenter: Josh Breithaupt

Lindsay M. Brendis1, Thomas J. Smith III2, Joseph M. Smoak1, Ryan P. Moyer3
1University of South Florida Saint Petersburg, Department of Environmental Science, Policy and
     Geography, 140 7th Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
2U.S. Geological Survey, Southeast Ecological Science Center, 600 4th Street S, St. Petersburg,
     FL 33701
3Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, 100
     8th Ave SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

A spatial and temporal analysis of mangrove coverage: A case study for northern Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park
Presenter: Lindsay Brendis

Shimon Wdonwinski, Emanuelle Feliciano Bonilla, Amanda Brioche, Sang-Hoon Hong

Mangrove expansion patterns in the western Everglades since 1940
Presenter: Amanda Brioche

Joseph M. Smoak, Ph.D., Professor, University of South Florida St. Petersburg
Richard Mbatu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of South Florida St. Petersburg
Ryan P. Moyer, Ph.D., Associate Research Scientist, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

Examining the potential for carbon sequestration in mangrove forests in Charlotte Harbor and the implications for conservation and restoration
Presenter: Megan Burford

Kailey R. Comparetto1, Joseph M. Smoak1, Joshua L. Breithaupt2, Thomas J. Smith III3
1University of South Florida, Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Geography, 140 7th Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL, 33701
2University of South Florida, College of Marine Science, 140 7th Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
3U.S Geological Survey, Southeast Ecological Science Center, 600 Fourth Street South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701 

Comparing soil organic matter burial rates in an area transitioning from sawgrass marsh to mangrove adjacent to the Harney River in Everglades National Park
Presenter: Kailey Comparetto

Tess Danielson, Victor H. Rivera-Monroy, Edward Castañeda-Moya, Henry Briceño, Rafael Travieso, Asher A. Williams, Evelyn Gaiser

An Assessment of Mangrove Resilience to Hurricane Disturbance along Shark River, Everglades, Florida: A Species-Specific comparison and Implications for Ecosystem Carbon Budgets
Presenter: Tess Danielson

Emanuelle A Feliciano1, Shimon Wdowinski1, Matthew D Potts2, Seung-Kuk Lee3 and Temilola E Fatoyinbo3
(1)University of Miami, Miami, FL, United States, (2)University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, United States, (3)NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, United States

Estimating Mangrove Canopy Height and Above-Ground Biomass in Everglades National Park with Airbone LiDAR and TanDEM-X Data
Presenter: Emanuelle Feliciano

Hilary Flower and Mark Rains, School of Geosciences, University of South Florida, Tampa

P-Sorption Dynamics in Sediments of Oligohaline Ecotone, Taylor Slough
Presenter: Hilary Flower

Rebecca G. Harvey, Larry Perez, and Frank J. Mazzotti

Concern for invasive species among volunteer python hunters: the role of direct experience in shaping beliefs
Presenter: Rebecca Harvey

Gregory J Hill1, Amartya K. Saha2, Eric Cline3, Mark Cook4 and Jennifer S. Rehage2, (1)Earth and Environment, Southeastern Environmental Research Center, Florida International University, Miami, FL, (2)Environmental Studies, Florida International University, Miami, FL, (3)Earth and Environment, Florida International University, Miami, FL, (4)South Florida Water Management District.

Quantifying the movement and habitat use of native sunfishes in response to seasonal hydrological variation in the Everglades
Presenter: Gregory Hill

David Lagomasino, Gordon Anderson, Rene Price, and Shimon Wdowinski

Hydrologic connectivity in a managed, subtropical estuary
Presenter: David Lagomasino

Jessica A. Lee
Jennifer S. Rehage

Drying times: survival of a freshwater mesoconsumer in a ecotonal refuge habitat during seasonal drying
Presenter: Jessica Lee

Edward Linden

Hydrologic Controls of Coastal Groundwater Discharge in Taylor Slough - Everglades National Park, Florida
Presenter: Edward Linden

Mario Londono, Henry O. Briceno, Jeffrey A. Onsted, and Nick Jaffe

The relationship between rainfall and nutrient concentrations in Florida Bay, Whitewater Bay, and the Ten Thousand Islands
Presenter: Mario Londono

Mehrnoosh Mahmoudi, Reinaldo Garcia, Rene Price, Rosanna Rivero, Leonard Scinto

The Impact of Sediment Transport on Spatiotemporal Variation of Bed Morphology in Wetlands: Case Study in Loxahatchee Impoundment Landscape Assessment (LILA), the Everglades
Presenter: Mehrnoosh Mahmoudi

Sparkle L. Malone, Jordan Barr, Jose Fuentes, Steven F. Oberbauer, Paulo Olivas, Jessica Schedlbauer, Christina L. Staudhammer, Gregory Starr

Vulnerability to cold events: implications for CO2 dynamics in Everglades ecosystems
Presenter: Sparkle Malone

David Massey (Indiana University)
Samapriya Roy (Indiana University)

Coupled Land Change Hydrological Modelling in Peri-Urban Areas
Presenter: David Massey

Viviana Mazzei* and Evelyn Gaiser

The Ecology and Systematics of the Diatom Encyonema Evergladianum and its Application to Environmental Monitoring of Freshwater, Karstic Wetlands
Presenter: Viviana Mazzei

Peter Regier1, Ding He1, Colin Saunders2, Carlos Coronado-Molina2, Blanca Jara1 and Rudolf Jaffé1 (1) Florida International University, Miami, FL, United States, (2) South Florida Water Management District, West Palm Beach, FL, United States

Sheetflow Effects and Canal Backfilling on Sediment Source and Transport in Everglades Freshwater Marshes: Analysis of Molecular Organic Biomarkers
Presenter: Peter Regier

Nick O. Schulte and Evelyn E. Gaiser

Predicting sea level rise effects on carbon turnover: autotrophic and heterotrophic microbial responses to low-level phosphorus enrichment
Presenter: Nick Schulte

S. Servais and J. Kominoski

Understanding short-term changes in soil microbial enzyme potential with exposure to elevated salinity
Presenter: Shelby Servais

Stephanie Soto1, Maria Elena Fuenmayor1, Andrea Chuc2, Ileana Ortegon-Aznar2, and Ligia Collado-Vides1
1Department of Biological Sciences, and Southeast Environmental Research Center, Florida International University, Miami, FL 33199 . 2USA.Departamento de Recursos Marinos, CCBA. Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. C.P. 97100. Mérida Yucatán México.

Comparing Production of Halimeda and Penicillus in Florida Bay and Yucatán, Mexico
Presenter: Stephanie Soto

Shimon Wdowinski, Ronald Bray, Ben Kirtman, and Zhaohua Wu

Recurrence flooding in Miami Beach as an indicator of accelerating rates of sea level rise in South Florida
Presenter: Shimon Wdowinski

Kristie S. Wendelberger, Daniel Gann, Jennifer H. Richards

Using Remote Sensing to Detect Long-Term Coastal Plant Community Changes Due to Sea Level Rise, Everglades National Park
Presenter: Kristie Wendelberger

Asher A. Williams, Victor H. Rivera-Monroy, Edward Castañeda-Moya, Rafael Travieso, Carlos Coronado-Molina, Tess Danielson, Evelyn Gaiser

The confounding effect of geomorphology and ecotypes when discerning global patterns of root and leaf nutrient stoichiometry in mangroves across latitudes: A comparative example between the Everglades and coastal Louisiana.
Presenter: Asher Williams

Benjamin J. Wilson1*, Viviana Mazzei1, Shelby Servais1, Tiffany Troxler1, Fred Sklar2, Carlos Coronado-Molina2, Stephen Davis3, Evelyn Gaiser1, Steve Kelly2, John Kominoski1, Christopher Madden2, Joseph Stachelek2, Laura Bauman1, Jennifer Richards1, and Nicholas Shulte1
1 Florida International University, Miami, Florida
2 South Florida Water Management District, West Palm Beach, Florida
3 Everglades Foundation, Palmetto Bay, Florida
*Corresponding author: bwils034@fiu.edu

Ecosystem Productivity Responses to Saltwater Intrusion and P Loading As a Result of Future Sea Level Rise in the Coastal Everglades
Presenter: Benjamin Wilson

Landon Yoder

The Institutional Dynamics of Water Management in the Everglades Agricultural Area
Presenter: Landon Yoder

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