Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research
2006 Florida Coastal Everglades LTER All Scientists Meeting
2006 FCE LTER All Scientists Meeting
March 20-21, 2006
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
Coral Gables, FL

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Anna R. Armitage, Melissa Gil, James W. Fourqurean .  Nutrient impacts on epifaunal density, species composition, and food web complexity in a subtropical seagrass bed

Dane Barr, Jordan G. Barr, Jose D. Fuentes, Jay C. Zieman, Kendra Dowell .  Incorporating energy advection by the tide into the energy balance for a mangrove ecosystem   ( pdf , 719 kB)

Jeremy J. Wacksman and Randolph M. Chambers .  Modeling of net ecosystem metabolism in an Everglades tidal river

Joshua Cloutier & Rudolf Jaffe .  Assessing the Preservation of Organic Matter in the Mangrove-Dominated Estuary of Shark River Slough

Kim de Mutsert and Robert R. Twilley .  Tidal exchange of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus between an Everglades mangrove forest and the estuarine waters.   ( pdf , 356 kB)

Kendra K. Dowell, Jordan G. Barr, Jose D. Fuentes, Dane Barr, Jay C. Zieman .  Environmental Controls on Carbon Assimilation in a Mangrove Forest Ecosystem

Sharon M. L. Ewe, Leonel da S.L. Sternberg, Colin J. Saunders, Vic Engel, Greg Koch, Daniel L. Childers .  Seasonal plant water uptake patterns in the saline southeast Everglades ecotone

Min Gao, Colin Saunders, Daniel Childers, and Rudolf Jaffe .  Organic matter sources and preservation in subtropical freshwater wetland soils (Everglades National Park). Implications for paleo-environmental assessments.

David P.J. Green and Joel C. Trexler .  Stable Isotopic Enrichment Among Soma and Liver Tissues in Poecilia latipinna and Gambusia holbrooki: Implications for Analyzing Field Samples   ( pdf , 361 kB)

David P.J. Green, Joel C. Trexler, Thomas E. Philippi, Jerome J. Lorenz, and Carole C. McIvor .  'Can't get there from here': Hydrological connectivity impacts temporal and spatial patterns of fish community structure   ( pdf , 341 kB)

Greg D. Losada and Dr. Daniel Childers .  Characterizing Nutrient Dynamics in the Oligotrophic Ecotone Region of Taylor Slough   ( pdf , 641 kB)

Nagamitsu Maie, Joe Boyer, Chen-Yong Yang, Michelle Calvo, Oliva Pisani, and Rudolf Jaffe .  Spatial, Geomorphological, and Seasonal Variability of CDOM in the Florida Coastal Everglades.

Nagamitsu Maie, Kathleen J. Parish, Akira Watanabe, Tomonori Abe, Heike Knicker, Ronald Benner, Karl Kaiser, and Rudolf Jaffe .  Characterization of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen in an Oligotrophic Subtropical Coastal Ecosystem

O. Pisani, N. Maie, M. Calvo, R. Jaffe .  Seasonal and Spatial Variability of CDOM in the Florida Coastal Everglades

O. Pisani, N. Maie, and R. Jaffe .  Fate and Role of Mangrove Leaf Tannins in Dissolved Organic Nitrogen (DON) Cycling in Subtropical Estuaries

Colin J. Saunders and Daniel L. Childers .  Linked at the ridge. Phosphorus exchanges between Cladium and wet prairie communities make for a fitter, happier phosphorus model of Shark River Slough.

Tiffany Troxler-Gann and Daniel L. Childers .  Biogeochemical connectivity in a complex wetland landscape: mechanisms of N sequestration Everglades tree islands

Jeffrey R. Wozniak and Magaly DaCosta .  Isotopic Values for Southern Everglades Marshes: C and N Natural Abundance Study   ( pdf , 254 kB)

Y. Xu and R. Jaffe .  Applications of molecular markers in the paleoenvironmental reconstruction of Florida Bay

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