Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research
2004 FCE LTER All Scientists Meeting
2004 FCE All Scientists Meeting
Fairchild Tropical Garden, Miami, Florida
March 25-26, 2004

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Poster Session      Agenda

Thursday, March 25

FCE LTER Education and Outreach -  Susan Dailey

FCE LTER Information Management Program -  Linda Powell

Nutrients & DOM Working Group
•   Nutrients and DOM - Joe Boyer

Soils & Sediments Working Group
•  FCE Soils Analysis - Randy Chambers

Primary Production Working Group
•  Primary Production Group - Evelyn Gaiser
•  Hydrological Characteristics of Mangrove Forests in Shark River and Taylor Slough - Victor H. Rivera-Monroy, Robert R. Twilley, Ehab Meselhe, Edward Castañeda, Ken Krauss

Friday, March 26

Trophic Dynamics and Community Structure Working Group
  Fish Community Shifts in Everglades Coastal Streams: Role of Salinity and Hydrology - William Loftus
  Sampling Problems in Dwarf Forest - Jerry Lorenz
  Fish Sampling in Tidal Mangrove Forests along Shark River - Carole McIvor
  Trophic Dynamics and Community Structure - Joel Trexler

Everglades Restoration Presentations
•  Restoration activities in Everglades National Park - Sherry Mitchell-Bruker
•  The Everglades Restoration Process - Fred Sklar

Special Science Program Updates
•  Loxahatchee Impoundment Landscape Assessment (LILA) - Fred Sklar
•  A flux tower in a remote mangrove forest - T.L. O’Halloran, J.G. Barr, J.D. Fuentes, T. Frankovich, J. Zieman, D. Childers, and J. Fourqurean
•  Studying mangrove forest-atmosphere feedbacks - Jordan G. Barr, José Fuentes, Tom O'Halloran, Dane Barr, Jay C. Zieman, Dan Childers

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