Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research
2003 FCE LTER All Scientists Meeting
2003 FCE LTER All Scientists Meeting, Fairchild Tropical Garden, Jan. 5 & 6, 2003
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Sunday, January 5
FCE LTER Information Management Program
• Linda Powell

Nutrients & DOM Working Group
•   Joe Boyer - Nutrients and DOM
•   Rudolf Jaffe - Ongoing DOM research
•   Dan Childers - Water quality at wetland sites
•   Joe Boyer, Susan Dailey, Patrick Gibson, Matt Rogers, Emily Kuhnlein - Nutrient cycling, DOM dynamics and Bacteria at FCE LTER Sites 2001-2002

Soils & Sediments Working Group
•  Randy Chambers - Soil/Sediment Analysis
•   Sherry Mitchell-Bruker, Dan Childers, Mike Ross, Lynn Leonard, Helena Solo-Gabriele -
Documenting the Importance of Water Flow to Everglades Landscape Structure and Sediment Transport

Primary Production Working Group
•  Dan Childers - Freshwater macrophytes
•  Michael Ross - Tree Islands in the LTER
•  Tom Frankovich - Seagrass Epiphytes
•  Jim Fourqurean - Combining data from multiple monitoring programs

Consumer Dynamics Working Group
  Joel Trexler - Consumer Dynamics Group

Evening poster session

Monday, January 6
Integration & Modelling Working Group
•  Dan Childers
•  Greg Noe - Modelling nutrient flow and transformations in the FCE LTER
•  Carl Fitz - Everglades Landscape Model: Integrated assessment of hydrology, biogeochemistry, and biology

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