Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research
2002 FCE LTER All Scientists Meeting

2002 All Scientists Meeting
Kovens Conference Center, Florida International University BBC       
February 8-9, 2002
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Friday, February 8 - Integration Saturday, February 9 - Experimentation
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Database and informatics update
• Linda Powell

Primary Production Working Group
• Evelyn Gaiser - Overview, periphyton
• Dan Childers - Freshwater macrophytes
• Robert Twilley - Mangroves
• Jay Zieman - Seagrass
• Joe Boyer - Phytoplankton

Consumer Dynamics Working Group
• Joel Trexler

Soils & Sediments Working Group
• Robert Twilley - Nutrient Accumulation and Use-Efficiency
• Carlos Coronado-Molina - SET
• Randy Chambers
• Rudolf Jaffe

Nutrients & DOM Working Group
•  Joe Boyer - Overview, water quality at marine sites
• Dan Childers - Water quality at wetland sites
• Susan Dailey

Integration & Modelling Working Group
• Fred Sklar
• Greg Noe - Modelling nutrient flow and transformations
• Carl Fitz - ELM
• Chris Madden - Florida Bay Seagrass Integrated Model
• Robert Twilley - Coupling and Parameterization of Mangrove Models

Poster session

Presentations of ongoing short and long-term experiments

Greg Noe - 32P cycling in oligotrophic and P-enriched freshwater marshes

Jeff Wozniak - Quantifying N cycling rates in freshwater marshes of the Southern Everglades using 15N tracer techniques

Gustavo Rubio - Decomposition of Cladium jamaicense, Eleocharis cellulosa, and Juncus roemerianus in the ecotone regions of Taylor Slough and Shark River Slough

David Iwaniec - Effects on ecosystem-level processes in C-111 & Taylor Slough periphyton

Tiffany Troxler Gann - Experimental manipulation of freshwater flow on southern Everglades tree islands

Ralph Mead - Sources of organic matter to suspended particulates from the lower Shark and Taylor Rivers

Cheng Yong Yang - Chemical characterization of DOM from the FCE-LTER

Susan Dailey - Microbial dynamics, nutrients, and organic material cycling in Shark River

Steve Davis - The contributions of senesced macrophyte litter to water column loads of nitrogen, phosphorus, and organic carbon

David Moore - Changes in fish diversity along the estuarine gradient and input of nutrients by mobile fish

Virginia Cornett - Distribution and biochemical characteristics of submerged aquatic vegetation in the Southwest Florida habitat of the West Indian Manatee

Randy Chambers - Ecosystem response to iron enrichment of Everglades soils

Serge Thomas - The advantage of using an incubation chamber over light and dark BOD bottles in measuring periphyton productivity

Jose Fuentes - Integrated carbon cycle research program

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