Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research
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Climate and Disturbance Cross-Cutting Theme
(Phase II, 2007-2012)

FCE Publications:
(These publications cite FCE LTER support in the acknowledgments.)
Davis, S.E., J.E. Cable, D.L. Childers, C. Coronado-Molina, J.W. Day, C.D. Hittle, C.J. Madden, D. Rudnick, E. Reyes and F. Sklar. 2004. Importance of Episodic Storm Events in Controlling Ecosystem Structure and Function in a Gulf Coast Estuary. Journal of Coastal Research, 20(4): 1198-1208.

Rivera-Monroy, V.H., E. Castañeda-Moya and R.R. Twilley. 2011. Mangrove forest functioning in response to hurricane disturbance. Final Report. Sub award 4126-LSU-TU-L600. Funded by the National Institute for Climatic Change Research (NICCR) Coastal Center at Tulane University. Office of Biological and Environmental Research (BER) of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

Saunders, C.J., D.L. Childers, W.T. Anderson, J. Lynch and R. Jaffe. 2007. Understanding Cladium jamaicense dynamics over the last century in ENP using simulation modeling and paleoecological data - 24 month Report. Everglades National Park, National Park Service (#EVER-00278)

Whelan, Kevin . 2005. The successional dynamics of lightning-initiated canopy gaps in the mangrove forests of Shark River, Everglades National Park, USA. Ph.D. dissertation, Florida International University.

Related Publications:
(These publications do not cite FCE LTER support in the acknowledgments, but are related to FCE research)
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