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Sampling Attributes
  • Air Temperature
  • Ammonium in Porewater
  • Average Air Temperature
  • Average Water Temperature at Deep Depth, Set 1
  • Average Water Temperature at Deep Depth, Set 2
  • Average Water Temperature at Medium Depth, Set 1
  • Average Water Temperature at Medium Depth, Set 2
  • Average Water Temperature at Shallow Depth, Set 1
  • Average Water Temperature at Shallow Depth, Set 2
  • Average Water Temperature at VDeep Depth, Set 1
  • Average Water Temperature at VDeep Depth, Set 2
  • Average Water Temperature, Set 1
  • Average Water Temperature, Set 2
  • Boundary Layer Conductance
  • CO2 Offset
  • Cuvette Block Temperature
  • Dissolved Organic Carbon in Porewater
  • Enclosed Leaf Surface Area
  • H2O Offset
  • Intracellular CO2 Concentration
  • Leaf Surface Temperature
  • Leaf Vapor Pressure Deficit
  • Minimum Battery Voltage
  • Molar Flow Rate through Cuvette
  • Net Assimilation Rate
  • Nitrate and Nitrite in Porewater
  • Nitrate in Porewater
  • Nitrite in Porewater
  • Percent Organic Carbon in Soil
  • Percentage of Calcium Carbonate in Soil
  • Percentage of Carbon
  • Percentage of Hydrogen
  • Percentage of Inorganic Carbon
  • Percentage of Nitrogen
  • Percentage of Organic Carbon
  • Photosynthetically Active Radiation Measured by Quantum Sensor
  • Photosynthetically Active Radiation in Cuvette
  • Porewater Ammonia
  • Porewater Conductivity
  • Porewater Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Porewater Nitrate
  • Porewater Nitrite
  • Porewater Orthophosphate
  • Porewater Salinity
  • Porewater Sulfide
  • Porewater Temperature
  • Porewater nitrite plus nitrate
  • Pressure in the Cuvette
  • Reference Cell CO2 Mixing Ratio
  • Reference Cell H2O Mixing Ratio
  • Relative Humidity in Reference Cell
  • Relative Humidity in Sample Cell
  • Sample Cell CO2 Mixing Ratio
  • Sample Cell H2O Mixing Ratio
  • Sampling Depth
  • Sawgrass Above-Ground Biomass
  • Sawgrass Above-Ground Biomass Standard Deviation
  • Sawgrass Culm Density
  • Sawgrass Culm Density Standard Deviation
  • Soil %Aromatic C
  • Soil Acid Volatile Sulfide
  • Soil AlkylC/O Alkyl C
  • Soil Aromatic C
  • Soil Ash Weight
  • Soil Bulk Density
  • Soil C/N
  • Soil Cabonyl C
  • Soil Chromium-Reducible Sulfide
  • Soil Delta 13C
  • Soil Dry Weight
  • Soil Extractable Iron
  • Soil Extractable Phosphorus
  • Soil Inorganic Phosphorus Step 1
  • Soil Inorganic Phosphorus Step 2
  • Soil Inorganic Phosphorus Step 3
  • Soil Inorganic Phosphorus Step 4
  • Soil Loss On Ignition
  • Soil O Alkyl C
  • Soil Organic Weight
  • Soil Percent Organics
  • Soil Redox
  • Soil Redox Corrected
  • Soil Sampling Depth
  • Soil Total Carbon Content
  • Soil Total Nitrogen Content
  • Soil Total Phosphorus
  • Soil Total Phosphorus Content
  • Soil Total Sulfide
  • Soil alkyl_C
  • Soil pH
  • Soluble Reactive Phosphorus in Porewater
  • Stomatal Ratio Parameter K
  • Stomatal Ratio Parameter K Redundant
  • Surface Water pH
  • Total Concentration of Carbon in Sawgrass
  • Total Concentration of Nitrogen in Sawgrass
  • Total Phosphorus Concentration in Sawgrass
  • Total Water Vapor Conductance
  • Water Transpiration Rate
  • Weight of Sample
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