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Sampling Attributes
  • Algal Energetics Light Curve Slope Brown
  • Algal Energetics Light Curve Slope Cyanobacteria
  • Algal Energetics Light Curve Slope Green
  • Ammonium in Water
  • Areal Periphyton Mat Coverage
  • Bacteria Abundance
  • Bacteria Daily Production
  • Bacteria Hourly Production
  • Channel 1 Alpha
  • Channel 1 Electron Transport Rate Max
  • Channel 1 Initial Slope Irradiance
  • Channel 2 Alpha
  • Channel 2 Electron Transport Rate Max
  • Channel 2 Initial Slope Irradiance
  • Channel 3 Alpha
  • Channel 3 Electron Transport Rate Max
  • Channel 3 Initial Slope Irradiance
  • Channel 4 Alpha
  • Channel 4 Electron Transport Rate Max
  • Channel 4 Initial Slope Irradiance
  • Chl a Blue
  • Chl a Brown
  • Chl a Green
  • Dissolved Organic Carbon in Water
  • Electron Transport Rate Maximum Brown
  • Electron Transport Rate Maximum Cyanobacteria
  • Electron Transport Rate Maximum Green
  • Fresh Water Levels
  • Initial Slope Irradiance Maximum Brown
  • Initial Slope Irradiance Maximum Cyanobacteria
  • Initial Slope Irradiance Maximum Green
  • Nitrate and Nitrite in Water
  • Nitrate in Water
  • Nitrite in Water
  • Percent Organic content
  • Periphyton Ash Free Dry Mass Production
  • Periphyton Dry Weight Production
  • Periphyton Gross Production per Mass
  • Periphyton Net Carbon Production
  • Periphyton Net Respiration per Mass
  • Periphyton Total Phosphorus
  • Periphyton Total carbon concentration in % dry weight
  • Periphyton Total nitrogen concentration in % dry weight
  • Precipitation
  • Quantum Yield Mean
  • Sawgrass Above-Ground Biomass
  • Sawgrass Above-Ground Biomass Standard Deviation
  • Sawgrass Culm Density
  • Sawgrass Culm Density Standard Deviation
  • Soil Eh
  • Soil Temperature
  • Soil pH
  • Soluble Reactive Phosphorus in Water
  • Sum Chl a PAM
  • Total Concentration of Carbon in Sawgrass
  • Total Concentration of Nitrogen in Sawgrass
  • Total Nitrogen in Water
  • Total Organic Carbon in Water
  • Total Phosphorus Concentration in Sawgrass
  • Total Phosphorus in Water
  • Water Salinity
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