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Temporal Changes in Water Residence Time and Water Quality in Taylor Slough - Everglades National Park

Short-term project
Start date: 2011          End date:
Contact person: Rene Price, Estefania Sandoval
Funding organization(s):
NASA National Science Foundation

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The Everglades has experienced many alterations to its natural state due to urbanization and water management practices. To date, slow progress has been made towards restoration of the Everglades. One of the main efforts of Everglades restoration includes increasing freshwater flow to Florida Bay via Taylor Slough. Several projects have been completed with the goal of increasing water flow in Taylor Slough with others reaching completion in the near future. A way to gain insight into the success of these restoration projects is by analyzing hydrological and geochemical conditions as many of these projects reach completion. This project will investigate the effects of restoration projects on the water balance and water chemistry of Taylor Slough from 2001 - 2011. Changes in water residence time, major water ion concentration, nutrient data, and dominant ion sources will be the main focus of the investigation. A decrease in water residence times due to an increase in flow with a subsequent positive correlation of the major water ions concentration and nutrient data is hypothesized.

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