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Evapotranspiration, Ecohydrology and Hydrogeochemistry in Two Coastal Mangrove Ecotones: A Remote Sensing Approach

Short-term project
Start date: 2010          End date: 2014
Contact person: Rene Price, David Lagomasino
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The purpose of this research is to provide spatial estimates of ET across mangrove communities and correlate those measurements with regional trends in water quality. Remote sensing can be a useful and cost-effective tool to determine changes in the energy and water budgets over an entire landscape. Spectra-derived biophysical indices will be used to assess various relationships between the spectral signatures of several mangrove species and the ionic and nutrient concentrations in the porewater, surface water, and groundwater of the mangrove ecotone. Water samples from these sources will be collected during the dry and wet seasons at two locations in the Florida Everglades. Major ion concentrations and nutrients and stable isotopes will be measured for each of the water sources. Satellite images will be used to identify spatial and temporal trends in ET and water quality once calibrated to field-derived spectral measurements and water chemistry data. This research is expected to address and examine the seasonal variations in ecohydrological conditions on a regional scale of mangroves within the Caribbean and possibly, throughout the world.

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