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The influence of vegetation on the hydrodynamics and geomorphology of a tree island in Everglades National Park

Short-term project
Start date: 2008          End date: 2010
Contact person: Pamela Sullivan
Funding organization(s):
National Science Foundation Southeast Environmental Research Center Everglades Foundation NASA

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Sap flow, soil moisture, water level, water chemistry, and rainfall were monitored on Satin Leaf Tree Island in Everglades National Park to identify the relationships between climate, transpiration and groundwater uptake by phreatophytes, and their effects on groundwater chemistry and potential mineral formation. Results indicate that during the dry season, a groundwater depression is formed under the island as the trees utilize groundwater for transpiration . The depression in the groundwater table results in the advective movement of groundwater and associated ions from the surrounding marsh toward the center of the island. The loss of groundwater through transpiration led to the elevated concentration of all major dissolved ions in the tree island groundwater compared to the adjacent marsh. Groundwater was supersaturated with respect to aragonite and calcite and indicated mineral formation on the islands was year round and supported the formation of soil in portions of the island. The elevated groundwater phosphorous concentrations detected in the hardwood hammock were associated with leaching of inorganic sediments (ie. hydroxyapatite) in the vadose zone.

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