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Changes in groundwater discharge to the oligotrophic ecotone

Short-term project
Start date: 01-Jan-2009          End date: 31-Dec-2009
Contact person: Mark Rains          
Website: http://shell.cas.usf.edu/%7Emrains/research.html
Funding organization(s):
National Science Foundation

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One specific question guiding the hydrological research in FCE II is: Will an increase in inflows from the upstream Everglades affect the position of the oligohaline ecotone and change the geochemical conditions in the ecotone by suppressing brackish groundwater discharge? To answer this question, we will quantify groundwater discharge using a combination of geophysical and geochemical approaches: 1) mass-balance mixing models of major cations and anions run monthly and seasonally to determine the proportions of brackish groundwater discharge and surface seawater in the surface water environments; 2) synoptic surveys of 222Rn and streaming resistivity; and 3) subsurface heat flux measurement from thermocouple sensor arrays that we will install at various depths in the soil combined with heat flux modeling as developed for river systems and near-shore marine systems. The latter is the specific approach of this project.

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