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FCE LTER Information Management System (IMS) Overview

FCE IMS Future Initiatives

The FCE IMS was awarded LTER SensorNIS supplemental funds for the development of a possible LTER network-wide tool that allows researchers to receive, handle and analyze high-resolution sensor network data streams. Phase 1 of this effort has produced a draft of design specifications for a tool called LEDeX: The Long-Term Ecological Data Explorer. Work is currently being done on creating a web-based version of the LEDeX tool that will allow users to easily visualize data choices from the FCE Data Resources via their web browser before they commit to a data download. Future work will hopefully include development of a smart device application of the LEDex. Our effort is part of a LTER network collaboration focused on building quality assurance and best practice procedures and tools for managing high-throughput sensor data.

Results from this effort will result in simultaneous and collaborative improvements in the abilities of multiple sites to provide high quality, near real-time data to the NIS, using common approaches, and in explicit coordination with the LTER Network Office. The completion of the virtual server migration and tool development enables the FCE program to be comprehensive and timely contributors of sensor data and metadata to the LTER Network Information System (NIS).

The FCE IMS group will continue working with the Climate and Disturbance Legacies and Hydrology and Water Policies cross-cutting theme groups in expanding our current GIS data archive and finding innovative ways to present these group's intriguing research.

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