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FCE LTER Information Management System (IMS) Overview

FCE Project Management

The FCE project and information managers have divided the FCE information flow (Figure 2) into two information categories: 1) Data related and 2) general project related. Data, metadata and information management documents are handled by the information manager whereas general project details like personnel information, publications, FCE project and sub-project information and research documents are organized and archived by the project manager.

FCE IMS Information Flow Diagram
Figure 2: FCE IMS Information Flow Diagram

The FCE Information Management System (IMS) is committed to collection and organization of FCE LTER project information and the IMS group has developed a web-based interactive mapping application called the FCE LTER Interactive Everglades Map to facilitate information and project management. Our researchers and information management group can use this application to help with future experimental designs, publication discovery, and intra-site syntheses as the FCE project information, site location information, datasets, sampling attributes and publications are cross-referenced.

Additionally, the FCE project has added verbiage to its data management policy that mandates project information submission by researchers to the FCE Information Manager no later than 6 months of notification of project funding. Researchers can easily access the FCE IMS Project Information form on-line and once a completed form is submitted to the project manager, the project details are made available via the Projects page on the website. Researcher responsibilities are well defined so that all participating FCE scientists know that they must submit a project form at the start of a project and that it is expected that those data collected at the FCE LTER sites must be made available in compliance with the FCE data access policy.

Because the FCE LTER program includes many researchers with long-standing, well established laboratories distributed throughout the United States, the FCE IMS is generally not involved directly with the design of research projects but instead remains flexible in its ability to accept data in many different formats. One of the goals of the FCE IMS is to ingest research data into its system as quickly as possible so very few data collection and data submission constraints are placed on the scientists.

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