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FCE LTER Information Management System (IMS) Overview

FCE Data Management

FCE Data and Information Accessibility

FCE LTER Program researchers have first priority for use of their data in publications but they are encouraged to make their data publicly available as soon as possible to enhance collaborations and synthesis. Data funded by the NSF LTER grant are available online 2 years after their collection. The FCE IMS data access protocol is thoroughly described in the FCE Access and Release Policy.

Public access to the FCE LTER data and information for the scientific community at large is provided through the FCE LTER web site on the internet at the following URL: http://fcelter.fiu.edu/. Our web site has been active since March 2000 and consists of a variety of information including the FCE LTER Program overview, personnel, maps, data, publications, education and outreach, job announcements and Everglades related links.

The FCE website 'Data' page acts as a portal to three major data categories: 1) FCE Data Products, 2) LTER Network Data and 3) Outside Agency Related Everglades Data. Users can easily select a data category of interest and are taken to a new page containing pertinent links found under that category. The FCE Data Products page has 7 major subcategories such as core data, signature datasets and climate data. Users are given a 'FCE Sampling Attribute' subcategory where they can search by a sampling attribute and the return results will include sites, datasets and projects associated with that sampling attribute.

All FCE LTER personnel have access to our password protected Intranet site. Researchers can easily compile their personal FCE information by selecting the menu choice 'Your Information' whereby all pertinent contact information, publication, presentation, leveraged funding, dataset and project description results are reported online. Users can also browse the intranet site for downloadable material like the FCE project information form and important FCE documents such at the ENP Sampling Permits, the FCE proposals (I, II, III) and the LTER network Planning Grant and Strategic Planning Process presentation. The FCE intranet 'Resources' section provides links to mailing lists, a FCE LTER office resource list of available equipment and FTP server information.

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