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FCE Information Management Policies and Documents

FCE Data Release and Access Policy (pdf) (Updated December 2017)- As a member of the Long Term Ecological Research Network, the Florida Coastal Everglades LTER Program is committed to providing access to research data collected under the support of our project in a timely fashion. Data and information derived from publicly funded research in the U.S. LTER Network, totally or partially from LTER funds from NSF, Institutional Cost-Share, or Partner Agency or Institution where a formal memorandum of understanding with LTER has been established, are made available online with as few restrictions as possible, on a nondiscriminatory basis. The FCE LTER Data Management Group will make FCE LTER data and metadata available for on line access via the web according to the data availability status as defined by the following data 'Types' found in this document.

FCE Data Management Policy (pdf) (Updated September 2014) - The FCE LTER Data Management Group has established a set of protocols and services for data collection, quality assurance, organization, data archive, data access, and data distribution to facilitate our scientific work. A full description of the FCE Information Management System (IMS) topics are found in this document: IMS objectives, FCE research project management, data collection protocols, quality assurance procedures, data organization description, data archive and protection procedures, data distribution information, and the FCE data user agreement.

Data Submission Information (pdf) (Updated February 2017) - To ensure that FCE LTER data are properly archived and protected, researchers are strongly encouraged to routinely submit data from ongoing research to the FCE LTER Information Manager. The FCE LTER Data Management Group has created this comprehensive document to provide detailed information to our researchers about WHAT information needs to be contributed to the IMS, WHEN the information should be submitted and how to send documents to the FCE Information Manager.

Basic Data Submission Steps:
Researchers submit two (2) files to the FCE Information Manager: 1) Data file in either Microsoft Excel (.xls) format or delimited ASCII text (.txt) formats and 2) accompanying Microsoft Excel FCE EML metadata template file. File names must follow naming convention set out in data submission document.

1) Download the FCE EML metadata template and complete all pertinent sections
2) Perform quality assurance on data file and accompanying metadata before data submission to the Information Manager.
3) Submit data files and completed FCE EML metadata template to the FCE Information Manager via email at krvander@fiu.edu, FTP server upload at ftp://fceftp.fiu.edu/LTER_Data/ or digital media (mailed or delivered).

Basic Project Information Submission Steps:
Researchers are strongly encouraged to submit FCE LTER Project information via a project information form ( http://fcelter.fiu.edu/data/FCE_Project_Information_Form_2007.doc) to the Information Manager within 6 months of the project commencement.

1) Determine whether the project is an FCE LTER Project, FCE LTER Related Project or a hybrid of the two.
2) Complete the project information form found on the FCE intranet site or on the FCE public site, making sure that all information fields are populated.
3) Submit form to the FCE Information Manager via email at krvander@fiu.edu or upload to the FCE FTP server at ftp://epoch.cs.fiu.edu/LTER_Data/.

EML Metadata template (xlsx)
- The FCE LTER Information Management Group has created an EML 2.1 Metadata Template, available in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) format, which follows the EML content standard and is based on the LTER EML Best Practices Tier 5 (EXCEPT for the "Constraint" Element (September, 2004)). All pertinent sections of the metadata template must be completed and verified by the researcher. This metadata must accompany a corresponding data file when submitted to the FCE Information Manager.

EML Metadata template example for LT_ND_Grahl_002 - This is an example of a completed FCE EML Metadata Template. Although the original EML Metadata Template contains helpful comments on what type of information is expected for each information field, this example is meant to provide additional help with metadata entries.

FCE Project Information form (Word document) (Updated 3/27/07) - The FCE Information Management System (IMS) is committed to collection and organization of FCE LTER project information. The project information we collect is included on the FCE LTER web site:

Researchers are asked to submit FCE LTER project information, via a project information form, to the FCE Information Manager upon notification of project funding, but within 6 months of notification of project funding. Additionally, researchers will also be asked to update their project information annually. Please e-mail completed forms to Kristin Vanderbilt (krvander@fiu.edu)

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