Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research
Florida Coastal Everglades LTER 2013 All Scientists Meeting - Posters
Deering Estate - Main Gate
2013 FCE LTER All Scientists Meeting
March 11-12, 2013
Stone House Ballroom
Deering Estate
Miami, Florida
Deering Estate - Stone House


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The power of the 1%: interactive impacts of extreme and episodic disturbances drive unexpected changes to mangrove fish communities
Boucek, R. and J.S. Rehage

The dynamics of soil accumulation in mangrove forests, and the role of timescale in determining rates
Breithaupt, J.L., J.M. Smoak, T.J. Smith, and C.J. Sanders

Assessing Mangrove Above-Ground Biomass and Structure using Terrestrial Laser Scanning: A Case Study in the Everglades National Park
Feliciano, E.A., S. Wdowinski, and M. Potts

Assessing Particulate Organic Matter Dynamics in a Subtropical Estuary: A Biomarker Approach
He, D., R.N. Mead, L. Belicka, and R. Jaffe

Identifying seasonal water patterns in coastal mangroves from Space
Lagomasino, D., R.M. Price, and P.K. Campbell

Combining mark-recapture & citizen science to evaluate population dynamics and habitat use of two recreational fishes
Lee, J., J.S. Rehage, and R. Boucek

Ecosystem Responses to Simulated Drought in Everglades Short Hydroperiod Freshwater Marshes
Malone, S.L., G. Starr, C.L. Staudhammer, and M.G. Ryan

Environmental gradients and diatom assemblages across the Charlotte Harbor watershed: spatial and temporal differences and their applications to understanding estuarine dynamics
Nodine, E. and E.E. Gaiser

The Effect of Fire on the Community Structure of Macro-Invertebrates in a Compartmentalized Wetlands Ecosystem: Will wetlands restoration efforts reduce the anthropogenic intensification of environmental damage from natural disturbances?
Odzer, J., M.R. Bush, and J.C. Trexler

Evaluating Temporal Dynamics of Carbon Productions for the Genus Halimeda(Chlorophyta,Bryopsidales) in a Karstic System
Perez, A., J.W. Fourqurean, and L. Collado-Vides

Climate Relationships in Slash Pine, Pinus elliottii, Tree-Rings from Big Pine Key, Florida
Rebenack, C., W.T. Anderson, and P. Cherubini

Characterizing the Sources and Sinks of Methyl Halides in the Florida Everglades and Coastal Waters by Isotopic Analysis
Scully, N.M., A.L. Rice, C.L. Butenhoff, R.D. Jones, A.K. Khalil, A.E. Raffel, and K. Stankus

The Far-Field Effects of Large Earthquakes on South Florida's Confined Aquifer
Voss, N. and S. Wdowinski

Remote sensing monitoring of tide propagation through coastal wetlands
Wdowinski, S., S.-H. Hong, A. Mulcan, and B. Brisco

Application of Stable Carbon Isotopes and Optical Properties in the Assessment of Dissolved Organic Matter Sources in a Subtropical Estuary
Ya, C., W.T. Anderson, and R. Jaffe

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