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The importance of detrital seagrass contributions to the dissolved organic matter pool and food webs in seagrass ecosystems: examples from Shark Bay, Australia and comparisons to Florida Bay, USA
Laura L. Belicka, Kaelin M. Cawley, Yan Ding, Derek Burkholder, James W. Fourqurean, Stephen A. Macko, Michael R. Heithaus, and Rudolf Jaffé

No free lunch: resource partitioning among an estuarine and two freshwater mesoconsumers at a marsh-mangrove ecotone in response to a seasonal marsh subsidy
Ross Boucek, Jennifer S. Rehage

The ubiquity of dissolved black carbon in freshwater
Y. Ding 1,2, R. Jaffé1,2,*, J. Niggemann3, and T. Dittmar3
1Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, and
 2Southeast Environmental Research Center, Florida International University, Miami, FL, USA
3Max Planck Research Group for Marine Geochemistry, Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany

Spatiotemporal patterns of water column phosphorus in Taylor River, Everglades
Alan Downey-Wall1, Tiffany Troxler1, Stephen E. Davis2,
1Southeast Environmental Research Center, Florida International University, Miami, FL, USA
2Everglades Foundation, Palmetto Bay, FL, USA

Tree Volume Estimation in the Everglades National Park using Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
Emanuelle A. Feliciano1, Shimon Wdowinski1
1University of Miami

Nonnative Fishes in Freshwater Canals of the Florida Everglades: Implications for Better Management
D. A. Gandy1, J.S. Rehage1 J. Kline2, K. R. T. Whelan3, R. Urgelles3
1Florida International University, Miami, FL, USA
2Everglades National Park, Homestead, FL, USA
3National Park Service, Miami, FL, USA

Landscape Legacies and the Production of Suburbia in Southern Florida
Rebecca Garvoille1, Laura Ogden1, Jeff Onsted1, Rinku Roy Chowdhury2 and Nicholas Vaughn2
1Florida International University
2Indiana University

Risk or Refuge: Exploring the role of canals for fish in the Everglades
Ann Commagere Hijuelos and Joel C. Trexler

Diatom-based assessment of hydrology and periphyton abundance in the Everglades
Sylvia Lee, Evelyn Gaiser, Joel Trexler

Quantifying Habitat Use by Centrarchids in Response to Seasonal Hydrological Variation in the Everglades
Narducci A., Rehage J., Saha A., Anderson,M., Cook M., Dreschel T.

Diatom community dynamics in Charlotte Harbor, Florida: Preliminary analysis from two sediment cores and planned applications for understanding climate and tropical storm activity
Emily R. Nodine, Evelyn Gaiser, Friederike Wagner-Cremer, Gert-Jan Reichart, Francesca Sangiorgi, Loes Bree, and Els van-Soelen

Differences in the Photosynthetic Activity of C3 And C4 Graminoids in Short-Hydroperiod Marl Prairies of the Florida Everglades: Responses to Seasonality and Water Management
Steven F. Oberbauer, Paulo C. Olivas, Jessica L. Schedlbauer, and Jonathan Moser

A cavity ring down spectrometer (CRDS) approach for measuring the stable isotopes of DOC - a preliminary study from Shark River Slough
Annie Palya, William Anderson, Rudolf Jaffe, David Ho, Sara Ferron, Victor Engel and Peter Swart

Nutrient Dynamics of Benthic Flora in Florida Bay: A Long-Term Approach More Specifically: How do Calcareous Green Algae Respond to Nutrient Supply?
Alex Perez1,2 ,Glauco Puig-Santana1,2, James W. Fourqurean1,2 and Ligia Collado-Vides 1,2
1Department of Biological Sciences, OE 167; 2Southeast Environmental Research Center, OE 148,  Florida International University, University Park, Miami, FL 33199, USA.

Seasonality and Disturbance Events in the Carbon Isotope Record of Pinus elliottii Tree Rings from Big Pine Key, Florida
Carrie E. Rebenack, William T. Anderson, Paolo Cherubini

Examining the bioavailability of mangrove leachates of Shark River Slough
Cindy Saenz1, Tiffany Troxler2, and Olga Sanchez2
1Felix Varela Senior High School
2Florida International University

Variations in CO2 efflux from a riverine mangrove forest as related to tidal, salinity, and temperature dynamics
Christopher Sanchez, Tiffany Troxler, and Jordan Barr

Identifying Water Sources of Taylor Slough Using Water Chemistry, Everglades National Park, FL, USA
Estefania Sandoval, Rene M. Price

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