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2009 FCE LTER All Scientists Meeting
March 19-20, 2009
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden,   Coral Gables, Florida


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Jordan Barr, Vic Engel, Jose D. Fuentes .   Riverine mangroves - juggernauts of carbon assimilation capacity and resiliency to disturbance
  (pdf, 2276 kB)

Jorge Bello, Amanda Torres, Rebecca Bernard, James W. Fourqurean and Ligia Collado-Vides .   Primary production of calcareous green macroalgae among varied estuarine sites in Florida Bay

Rebecca J Bernard and James W Fourqurean .   Effects of Light and Nutrient Supply on Stable Isotope Composition and Fractionation in N-Limited Seagrass Beds
  (pdf, 1654 kB)

Justin E. Campbell , James W. Fourqurean .   Interspecific variation in the elemental and stable isotopic content of seagrass communities in South Florida

Edward Castañeda-Moya, Robert R. Twilley, Victor H. Rivera-Monroy, Keqi Zhang, Stephen E. Davis III, and Michael Ross .   Hurricane Wilma enhanced vertical accretion rates and soil phosphorus pools in Everglades Mangrove Forests

Chen, M., Nagamitsu, M., Jaffé, R. .   Spatial and Seasonal Variations of Dissolved Organic Matter in Florida Coastal Everglades

Sharon M.L. Ewe, Colin J. Saunders, Vic Engel, Carlos Coronado-Molina, Leonel da S.L. Sternberg .   Ecophysiological impacts of reduced water flow and sea level rise on estuarine ecotone communities

Thomas A. Frankovich, Douglas Morrison, and James W. Fourqurean .   Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of SAV Abundance in the Mangrove Lakes Region of Florida Bay: Relationships to Water Quality
  (pdf, 1741 kB)

Rafael Guevara, Cristina Pisani, Makoto Ikenaga, and Joseph N. Boyer. .   Bacterial community structure in sediment and water samples from freshwater marsh, mangrove and seagrass, in the Florida Everglades.
  (pdf, 941 kB)

Zayda Halun and James W. Fourqurean .   Effects of fertilization and grazing on seagrass community structure in Florida Bay

Elizabeth Harrison, Jerome J Lorenz and Joel C. Trexler .   The invasive Cichlasoma urophthalmus (Mayan cichlid) in the Florida Everglades and its impacts on Everglades fish

Darrell A. Herbert and James W. Fourqurean .   Benthic Metabolism in Florida Bay is Controlled by Phosphorus Availability

Jose Javier, Bradford Clement, Jay Sah, Michael Ross .   The Effects of Wildfires on Soils in the Everglades
  (pdf, 1646 kB)

Gregory R. Koch, Peter A. Staehr, Greg Losada, and Daniel L. Childers .   Estimation of ecosystem metabolism in lower Taylor River using high-frequency changes in dissolved oxygen

Christopher J. Madden and Amanda A. McDonald .   A Simulation Model of the Florida Bay Seagrass Community to Support Ecosystem Restoration
  (pdf, 1001 kB)

Tatiana Marquez and René Price .   Phosphorus Concentrations in Biscayne Aquifer Limestone and its Relationship to Seawater Intrusion

Lauren McCarthy and Jennifer Rehage .   Segregation of Palaemonid Shrimp along the Shark River Estuary
  (pdf, 1462 kB)

Jay W. Munyon, Jessica L. Schedlbauer, Steven F. Oberbauer, Evelyn E. Gaiser, and Gregory Starr .   Whole ecosystem estimates of net primary production from an oligotrophic marl prairie and slough of the Florida Everglades

Danielle E. Ogurcak, Michael S. Ross, Jay P. Sah .   The effect of disturbance and environmental gradients on the spatial distribution of herbaceous vegetation in pine rockland habitat on Big Pine Key, Fl

Oliva Pisani, Leonard J. Scinto, William Louda and Rudolf Jaffé .   Chemical characterization of flocculent material (floc) in the Florida Coastal Everglades-Preliminary Results-

Christopher Sanchez, Evelyn Gaiser, Colin Saunders .   Interpreting the hydrological history of an Everglades wetland through microscopic characterization of phytoliths
  (pdf, 1111 kB)

Daniel Sarmiento and Jose D Fuentes; Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia Vic Engel and Jordan G. Barr, Everglades National Park, National Park Service .   Hurricane Wilma altered the energy flows in and microclimate of mangrove forests

Stalker, J C, Whitman, D, Price, R M .   Imaging the Stratification of a Saltwater-Freshwater Interface Using Shallow Electrical Resistivity Techniques in the Karst Coastal Biscayne Aquifer, South Florida

Pamela L. Sullivan and René M. Price .   A geochemical investigation of groundwater-surface water interactions on Satin Leaf Tree Island, Everglades National Park

Rudolf Jaffé, Nagamitsu Maie, William Cooper, Thorsten Dittmar, Toshikazu Miyoshi, Akira Watanabe, Youhei Yamashita .   Inter-LTER collaboration - Chemical characterization of dissolved organic matter (DOM) from headwaters using a multi-analytical approach: Preliminary results from six different Biomes

Xavier Zapata and René Price .   Surface Water/Ground Water Interactions in Taylor Slough, Everglades National Park
  (pdf, 366 kB)

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