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Florida Coastal Everglades LTER - 2008 All Scientists Meeting

Garden House at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
Garden House at Fairchild

2008 FCE LTER All Scientists Meeting
March 17-18, 2008
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden,   Coral Gables, Florida


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Chen, M., Price, R., Jaffé, R. .   Assessing the Sources and Transformations of Dissolved Organic Matter in the Florida Coastal Everglades

Kendra K. Dowell, Jordan G. Barr, Jose D. Fuentes, Vic Engel, Jay C. Zieman, Dan Childers .   Physiological Response of a Mangrove Forest to Hurricane Wilma

David Ho, Evan Variano, Vic Engel, Matt Reid, and Paul Schmeider .   Determination of Large-scale Flow Patterns in Ridge and Slough Habitats with Tracer Release Experiments

Michael Fins, Megan Dunphy-Daly, Michael Heithaus .   The influence of predation risk on habitat use of red eared sliders (Trachemys scripa elegans)
  (pdf, 79 kB)

Tiffany Troxler, Makoto Ikenaga, Len Scinto, Ben Giraldo, Joe Boyer & Amanda Dean .   Bacterial diversity indicies, enzyme activities and soil CO2 flux along a P gradient in a coastal peatland, Panama
  (pdf, 154 kB)

Erin J. Hanan, Michael S. Ross, Krishnaswamy Jayachandran .   Multi-scaled Patterning of Plant-Soil-Water Interactions Across Tree Islands and Marshes within the Prairie and Slough Landscapes of Everglades National Park

Elizabeth Harrison, Joel C Trexler and Jerome J Lorenz .   The effects of the invasive Cichlasoma urophthalmus on native fish in the Everglades

Guoqing He, Helena Solo-Gabriele, Michael Laas, Lynn Leonard, and Daniel Childers .   Monitoring of Water Flow in Everglades National Park


Kung-Jen Liu Stephen E. Davis III Victor Rivera-Monroy Robert Twilley Daniel Childers .   Spatial and Temporal Nutrient Dynamics in the Mangrove Ecotone of Taylor River, Florida

Christopher J. Madden, Amanda McDonald, David Rudnick and Fred Sklar. Everglades Division, South Florida Water Management District, 8894 Belvedere Rd., West Palm Beach, FL 33411 .   A Modeling Study of Alternate Stable States for Designing the Ecological Restoration of Florida Bay
  (v4, 347 kB)

Tatiana Màrquez, René Price, Jean Jolicoeur .   Phosphorus Content of the Biscayne Aquifer Limestone

Jay W. Munyon .   Influence of periphyton on carbon dioxide sequestration along enrichment and hydrologic gradients in Everglades marshes
  (pdf, 447 kB)

Adam E. Rosenblatt and Michael R. Heithaus .   The movement and habitat use patterns of the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) in the Florida Coastal Everglades
  (pdf, 92 kB)

Jessica Schedlbauer, Steven Oberbauer, Evelyn Gaiser, Gregory Starr, Jay Munyon .   Characterizing the responses of carbon dioxide, water, and energy exchange in Everglades marl and peat freshwater marshes to changes in hydroperiod
  (pdf, 617 kB)

Youhei Yamashita, Greg Zausen, Brian Kloeppel, Jennifer Knoepp, and Rudolf Jaffé .   Inter-LTER collaboration - Assessing the dynamics of dissolved organic matter at the COWEETA-LTER using EEM-PARAFAC: Preliminary results

Xavier Zapata and René Price .   Surface water level variations inside Everglades National Park and effects on conductivity and salinity along the mangrove ecotone.
  (pdf, 196 kB)

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2008 FCE All Scientists Meeting Poster Session

2008 FCE All Scientists Meeting Poster Session

2008 FCE All Scientists Meeting Poster Session

2008 FCE All Scientists Meeting Poster Session

2008 FCE All Scientists Meeting Poster Session

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