Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research
2004 Florida Coastal Everglades LTER All Scientists Meeting - Poster Session
Poster Session, 2004 FCE All Scientists Meeting
View 2004 FCE All Scientists Meeting Presentations
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Spatial and Temporal Variation of Porewater Variables in Mangrove Forests along the Shark River and Taylor Sloughs, south Florida
Edward Castañeda, Robert R. Twilley, Victor H. Rivera-Monroy, Kim de Mutsert, Carlos Coronado-Molina   (pdf, 611 KB)

Changes in Nutrient Content, C and N Stable Isotope Ratios and Molecular Composition During Decomposition of Seagrasses and Mangrove Leaves in Florida Bay
Joshua Cloutier, Jim Fourqurean, Jill Schrlau, Nagamitsu Maie, Toshikazu Miyoshi and Rudolf Jaffe   (pdf, 308 KB)

Forest Structure and Productivity of Mangrove Forests in the Everglades, Florida
Kim de Mutsert, Robert R. Twilley, Victor H. Rivera-Monroy, Edward Castañeda, Carlos Coronado-Molina   (pdf, 767 KB)

Leaf productivity in Florida coastal Everglades mangrove forests
Sharon M.L. Ewe,Victor H. Rivera-Monroy, Robert R. Twilley, Carlos Coronado-Molina, Edward Castaneda, Timothy J. Grahl and Greg D. Losada   (pdf, 437 KB)

Phosphorus Mineralization and Accumulation during Litter Decomposition in Seasonally Flooded Tree Islands of the Southern Everglades
Tiffany Troxler Gann and Daniel L. Childers    (pdf, 708 KB)

Nutrient Mass Flux Through the Florida Keys Tidal Channels
Patrick J. Gibson and Joseph N. Boyer    (pdf, 475 KB)

A Proposed Food Web Analysis Using Stable Isotopes to Estimate Origins of Production and Trophic Position of Everglades Fish Communities
David P. J. Green and Joel C. Trexler   (pdf, 569 KB)

Landscape and Ecosystem-Level Processes on Everglades Periphyton Assemblages
David M. Iwaniec and Daniel L. Childers   (pdf, 433 KB)

Belowground Primary Productivity and Dynamics in the Oligohaline Ecotone of the Florida Everglades
Gregory M. Juszli & Daniel L. Childers   (pdf, 293 KB)

Stand-level Physiological Response to Flooded Versus Drained Soils in Basin Mangrove Forests of Southwest Florida
Ken W. Krauss, Jim L. Chambers, P. Joy Young, Robert R. Twilley, Thomas W. Doyle    (pdf, 3834 KB)

The Primary Productivity in Everglades Marshes Demonstrates the Sensitivity of Oligotrophic Ecosystems to Environmental Drivers
Greg D. Losada and Dan L. Childers    (pdf, 738 KB)

Chemical Characterization of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen in the Florida Coastal Everglades-Preliminary Results
Parish, K., Maie, N., Benner, R., Knicker, H., Jaffé, R.    (pdf, 497 KB)

Spatial and Temporal patterns of periphyton in the Florida Everglades, down transects C-111 and Taylor Slough
Michael A. Right, David M. Iwaniec and Daniel L. Childers    (pdf, 192 KB)

Effects of hydroperiod and nutrient enrichment on spatial patterns of aquatic macroinvertebrate communities in the Everglades
Shawn E.L. Smith and Joel C. Trexler    (pdf, 706 KB)

Quantifying the Nitrogen Cycle in Freshwater Marshes of the Southern Everglades Using In Situ Mesocosms and Natural Abundances
Jeffrey R. Wozniak, Daniel L. Childers, and William T. Anderson    (pdf, 1604 KB)

The Assessment of Organic Matter Sources in Florida Bay: A biomarker and Compound Specific Carbon Isotope Ratio Approach
Yunping Xu, Ralph Mead and Rudolf Jaffé   (pdf, 344 KB)

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